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Brian and Andrea Hill

When a child is sick and requires surgery, parents feel the pain, too: watching a little one as she is being taken into surgery generates an anxiety and fear that is difficult to bear.

During visits to BC Children’s Hospital with their son and daughter, Brian and Andrea Hill felt no different. But the moment that hospital caregivers held their daughter before a cleft palate procedure, and seeing the expert care that their son received during a five-day stay to treat a respiratory virus, the Hills were overcome by a sense of calm and trust.

“We always trusted the surgeons and staff but the compassion and subtlety they had when they were distracting [our daughter] before her surgery, was really touching for us. They had made it an art,” says Andrea.

For the Hills, the personal grew into the universal; giving to BC Children’s Hospital became a defining principle in their lives. As leadership donors to the hospital, the Hills stress the importance of any gift, no matter how big or small, to child health in BC.

“Having the best children’s hospital possible is an important part of making our province and city a better place. It’s better for people who live here, it’s better for children who need this facility. We feel that as a family we have an obligation to do our part to ensure it gets the funding it needs.”

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