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Clinical Care

At BC Children’s Hospital, medical staff are best able to look after children when they have access to advanced equipment and technologies that help them to deliver precise and safe care.

Interventional radiology, which involves image-guided procedures, is becoming more and more common for diagnosing and treating childhood conditions such as brain and lung tumours. Where a traditional surgical procedure might have required large incisions, interventional radiologists use thin catheters inserted through tiny holes in a child’s body to capture images that help them navigate to, and treat affected areas. This method can shorten recovery times dramatically.

In 2014, $161,800 in donations helped to fund the purchase of a replacement  C-arm unit. This mobile imaging unit provides fluoroscopic imaging in the operating rooms to assist surgeons during complex procedures. This imaging provides safer and more efficient care to patients.

Donors also gave $380,611 for state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. New units provide reliable service and better meet the demand for imaging.

In the Teck Acute Care Centre, the heart of the new BC Children’s Hospital, caregivers will be able to treat children in hybrid care suites — a blend of operating and interventional radiology rooms, where an anesthetist, radiologist and surgeon can work steps from each other, allowing for even more streamlined and timely care.

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Child Health BC

Thanks to Child Health BC, an initiative by BC Children’s Hospital, children from communities across the province have access to the care and treatment they need, closer to home.

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