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Financials: Use of Funds

17% research into childhood diseases
  • Childhood cancer and blood research
  • Developmental neurosciences and child health
  • Diabetes, nutrition and metabolism
  • Genetics and health
  • Immunity in health and disease
  • Innovations in acute care and technology
  • Early development
  • The Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics
  • Research investigator establishment awards
  • Research platforms
  • Research administration and infrastructure
2% Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children
  • Compassionate care for children
  • Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre
  • Clinical technology
  • Quality improvement projects
46% The Campaign for BC Children
  • Construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital
  • „Child Health BC
29% specific endowments & designations
  • Genetic research endowments
  • Pediatric oncology endowments
  • Diabetes research at the hospital and the research institute
  • A broad range of other areas of donor interest
3% specialized equipment
  • Equipment to test children’s hearing
  • A monitoring system for children on life support
  • Specialized ventilators
  • Diagnostic ultrasound machines
  • A broad range of other child-specific medical equipment

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