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Never has the connection between the generosity of people in British Columbia and the Yukon and the impact it has on the lives of children been as evident as it is now. Thanks to you, our foundation has had one of its best years ever and hundreds of thousands of children will benefit in the years ahead.

At BC Children’s Hospital, evidence of the impact our donors have on health care in British Columbia is hard to miss. The Teck Acute Care Centre, the heart of the new BC Children’s Hospital, is rising from the ground. Construction is well under- way on the third storey and, on the first, the Ledcor Children’s Emergency and the Lee Family Diagnostics and Imaging Area are now defined by concrete walls.

During our $200-million Campaign for BC Children, we promised the transformation of care. Today, that transformation – of the BC Children’s site and in the delivery of care – is well underway. Thanks to lead benefactor Save-On-Foods and other donors, Child Health BC, an initiative of BC Children’s Hospital, is enhancing the delivery of specialized care across the province.

With the addition of new telehealth sites in the past year, Child Health BC now has 11 active tele- health sites and another six in development – providing new opportunities for regional caregivers and patient families to connect remotely, but directly, with BC Children’s Hospital’s subspecialists.

And at the hospital, clinical teams have been working closely with planning and construction teams to ensure that, when the Teck Acute Care Centre opens in 2017, their young patients will benefit from both a new facility and significant enhancements in the practice of medicine.

The transformation of Children’s Hospital, enhancements in care, and benefits to young people and families from BC, the Yukon, and beyond, epitomize the impact of philanthropy on pediatric health care. One action leads to another. People are inspired, enabled, empowered and, ultimately, they are connected to each other and positive change through the power of giving.

In our 2014-15 fiscal year, the generosity of 119,000 people allowed us to provide $57.3 million in grants and contributions to the hospital, Sunny Hill, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and the Child & Family Research Institute.

In the pages that follow, you will read about the incredible difference your philanthropy is making in the health and well-being of children. Further information on the year’s finances and use of funds is available on pages 31 to 35.

Today we are focused on ensuring our efforts and your support lead to lasting and positive improvements in care. To that end, we are working more closely than ever before with our colleagues in

the hospital, the research institute, Sunny Hill and Child and Adolescent Mental Health to safeguard the quality of care our children receive today while ensuring future generations will benefit fully from the best in medical care and the power of research.

The connection between your support and long-term well-being of our youngest generation is reflected in the patient and donor stories in this annual report. Your generosity today ensures a healthier future for all of our children.

With gratitude,

Teri Nicholas, MSW, RSW,
President & CEO

David Podmore, O.B.C.
Chair, Board of Directors

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