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Outpatient Care

A few decades ago, the notion that children could routinely survive cancer, let alone receive treatment at home, seemed far-fetched.

Today, thanks to advances in research and more effective therapies, it’s a reality for many patients at BC Children’s Hospital.

As part of the hospital’s commitment to family- centred care, our caregivers treat children on an outpatient basis as often as possible, giving patients the opportunity to return home on the same day as their appointment and letting them sleep in their own beds at night.

Studies have shown that spending time at home and with loved ones has a positive impact on children’s recovery and wellness. At BC Children’s, outpatient clinics are available for children who need treatment in neurology, oncology, dentistry, cardiology, orthopedics and mental health, among many other areas.

In 2014, 187,830 visits were made to the hospital’s 45 outpatient clinics, most of which are found in its Ambulatory Care Building. Of these visits, 7,503 were made by children to our Oncology Outpatient Clinic. At any given time, about 700 children are in active inpatient treatment for cancer or blood disorders at the hospital; hundreds more receive outpatient and/or follow-up care for these conditions.

Even with today’s superior treatments, many childhood cancer survivors face the risk of developing serious side effects after treatment. These patients must visit the hospital for regular monitoring so that they remain healthy for years to come. Donor support helps to fund the research and innovation needed to further improve treatments and survival rates.

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