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Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children

Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children is a one-of-a-kind provincial resource for children and youth with developmental and rehabilitation needs.

Children cared for by Sunny Hill’s team live with a wide range of conditions that affect their everyday functions and abilities. These can range from acquired brain injury, autism and cerebral palsy, to prenatal exposure to substances and hearing and vision loss that accompanies complex medical or developmental challenges. The centre’s teams of health professionals offer assessment, diagnosis, consultation and intervention to meet the specific needs of each child.

In 2014, Sunny Hill’s caregivers served 2,300 children in outpatient programs, received more than 1,760 visits from children, treated 145 children on an inpatient basis and provided more than 1,760 outreach visits across BC, complementing the resources available in each child’s community.

That same year, Sunny Hill was the site of a significant autism spectrum disorder (ASD) survey project led by Dr. Nancy Lanphear. The study explored procedures and standards in ASD diagnoses from 150 centres in six World Health Organization regions that provide these diagnostic services.

Sunny Hill was also the site of a clinical project that explored the use of iPads to improve standardized tests, and low-tech virtual reality and robotic devices to help children and youth function and participate fully in their family and social lives. Donors provided $55,000 in funding to help further the goals of this important project.

All of Sunny Hill’s staff and caregivers are dedicated to the centre’s shared principle — that it is “the right of every child and family to be full and active participants in their home and community life.”

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