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First-Ever Hudson Family Hospital Chair in Pediatric Medicine

Posted on 27/06/2016 3:00pm

JUNE 27, 2016 – VANCOUVER BC Dr. Allison Eddy, Chief of Pediatrics at BC Children’s Hospital, has been named the hospital’s inaugural Hudson Family Hospital Chair in Pediatric Medicine.

This endowed chair, the first of its kind at BC Children’s Hospital, was made possible thanks to the incredible generosity and vision of the Hudson family. The family’s support will give Dr. Eddy and her successors the funds and the ability to attract top medical talent and improve patient care, research and safety. The chair ensures the Chief of Pediatrics has the flexibility to meet the changing health needs of BC’s sick and injured children for generations to come. Dr. Eddy’s leadership in pediatric medicine, history of setting high standards of excellence in care and treatment, and her expertise as a mentor make her an outstanding choice for the chair.

“We are thrilled to announce BC Children’s Hospital’s first-ever Hospital Chair in Pediatric Medicine, and I’m particularly pleased that Dr. Allison Eddy will fulfil this role,” said Teri Nicholas, president and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The establishment of our first endowed hospital chair clearly demonstrates how the vision and generosity of our donors is transforming the future of health care for children and families across BC through the funding of innovative programs and groundbreaking research aimed at advancing pediatric medicine.”

The first several years of funding will establish the Hudson Scholars in Pediatric Medicine, a mentored career development program.  This year, the program focuses on the sub-specialty of general pediatrics and will grant two years of funding to the brightest junior physicians at BC Children’s Hospital. The funding will give them dedicated time for research and further training and education while they build capacity in exciting new fields of pediatric medicine, focusing on quality improvement.

The first Hudson Scholars are Drs. Jennifer Smitten, Mia Remington and Kristopher Kang, each of whom received their pediatrics training in the UBC program based at BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Smitten’s research will focus on “Choosing Wisely” – a movement aimed at avoiding unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures. Dr. Remington’s research will focus on improving discharge efficiency through quality control improvement, and Dr. Kang’s research will investigate how to increase vaccination rates of patients at high risk of severe infection.

“We have amazing, talented people who are completing their training at BC Children’s,” said Dr. Eddy. “The Hudson Scholar awards offer us the ability to retain and build on their energy, ideas, interests and expertise. This innovative program also offers the beginning of a long-term career pathway that is focused on quality care.”

About BC Children’s Hospital
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NOTE: Drs. Eddy, Smitten, Remington and Kang are available for interviews upon request. 

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