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Leaders of the Chinese-Canadian community raise $3,371,688

Posted on 18/02/2018 9:00am

23rd annual For Children We Care gala raises funds for Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative

February 17, 2018 – VANCOUVER, BC – Leaders from BC’s Chinese-Canadian community helped to raise over $3,371,688 at the 23rd For Children We Care gala, presented by Peterson. Over 730 guests attended the spectacular event, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday evening. This year’s gala raised funds for the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative, which seeks to raise $12 million to help create and enhance a state-of-the-art environment for Sunny Hill’s unique patient populations through highly innovative technology, purpose-built spaces, specialized equipment and programs.

2018 年2 月17 日﹣卑诗省温哥华﹣第廿三届「天下父母心」周年慈善晚宴的首席赞助是培新集团, 卑诗省加拿大华裔社群领袖为晚宴筹得善款超过$3,371,688。晚宴于星期六晚上在温哥华会议中心 举行,当晚有超过730 名嘉宾出席盛会。今年筹得的善款将支持阳光山儿童健康中心「更新改善计 划」,这个计划耗资一千二百万元,创设最先进的环境改善阳光山儿童中心,为病童提供高度创新 的科技、专用的空间、特别的设备和项目。

“We are very grateful to the Chinese Canadian community for their leadership, and longtime commitment to excellence in pediatric healthcare,” said Teri Nicholas, president and CEO of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Funds raised at this year’s gala will help revolutionize care for children with developmental and significant rehabilitation needs through the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative. This initiative will ensure that generations of children and families in need of specialized care and services will have a facility that is one of the best in the country.”

「我们特别感谢加拿大华裔社群的带领,以及长期致力于改善儿科医疗护理。」卑诗省儿童医院基 金会主席及行政总裁Teri Nicholas 说:「所筹得的善款,让阳光山儿童健康中心的「更新改善计划」可以帮助有发育和严重康复需要的病童,提供革新的护理服务。这项计划将确保未来几代的儿童和 家庭,在需要特殊护理和服务的时候,可以得到全国最优良的设施。」

As the only children’s rehabilitation facility of its kind in the province, every year thousands of children and their families from 250 communities across BC come to Sunny Hill seeking assessments, diagnoses and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions affecting their development. Sunny Hill is often the next step in the health care journey for children and their families once their acute medical issues are cared for at BC Children’s Hospital.

阳光山是本省唯一一家同类型的儿童康复中心,每年有250 个社区,数千名儿童及家庭前来寻求评 估、诊断、复康等多种不同影响发育的状况。亦是儿童及他们的家人,在卑诗省儿童医院接受重症 医疗护理后,进入康复旅程的第二站。

In late 2019, Sunny Hill will relocate from East Vancouver to the hospital campus on Oak Street, improving care and reducing the travel burden for families. The relocation will make BC Children’s Hospital one of the few pediatric sites in North America with an acute care facility, research institute, mental health facility and rehabilitation centre, all on the same campus.

在2019 年年尾,阳光山中心将会从温东迁往渥街的医院院舍,改善护理服务之余,同时减轻家人交 通上的负担。搬迁之后,卑诗省儿童医院将成为北美洲少数的儿童医院可以集重症治疗、研究所、精神健康设施和康复中心全部集中于同一院舍的医院。

More than 730 guests attended the black-tie event, emceed by Rogers Media’s Steve Darling and Phoenix TV’s Lisa Wu. Evening performers included Mr. Yihuai Wen from Chongqing, China, a celebrated facechanging master (Bian Lian), and ten year old international singing sensation Angelica Hale. Best known as the first runner up on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent, Angelica was four years old when she developed a bacterial infection in her lungs that led to double pneumonia and caused kidney failure. After nearly three months in hospital, Angelica defied the odds and received a kidney transplant.

晚宴有超过730 名嘉宾盛装出席,由罗渣士传媒的Steve Darling 和鳯凰卫视的Lisa Wu 担任司仪。表 演嘉宾包括有来自中国重庆市,著名的变脸表演艺术家温益怀,以及年仅十岁轰动国际的歌手
Angelica Hale。 Angelica 是美国达人秀第12 季度的亚军,她四岁的时候曾经因为肺部细菌感染,而引 致双肺炎及肾衰竭,经过三个月的留院治疗,她终于战胜病魔,并接受肾脏移植。


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As the province’s only full-service, pediatric acute care hospital BC Children’s Hospital serves the one million children living in BC and the Yukon. Since 1982, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has partnered with kids, families, health professionals, and hundreds of thousands of people across the province to improve and advance care at BC Children’s Hospital, its research institute, and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to ensure the hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical technologies, that our researchers have the resources to conduct their groundbreaking work, and that we have the highly skilled health providers needed to care for the province’s sickest children. For more information, please visit or follow us on social media at @bcchf.

卑诗省儿童医院是全省唯一提供全方位儿科急性护理的医院,为居于卑诗省及育空地区超过一百万 名儿童服务。自1982 年起,卑诗省儿童医院基金会与儿童、家庭、医护人员,以及省内无数善心人 仕一起携手,为卑诗省儿童医院属下的研究所,及阳光山儿童健康中心筹款。透过善长的慷慨支 持,医院能够配备有最先进的医疗技术,又可确保我们的研究员有足够资源进行突破性的研 究,同时,亦有优秀的医护人员,护理省内患上严重疾病的儿童。更多详情请登入,并
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