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Vancouver Canucks bring smiles to BC Children's Hospital

Posted on 24/01/2018 6:00pm

Vancouver Canucks players brought some joy and laughter to children at BC Children's Hospital on Wednesday.

It was the team's first visit to the Canucks Playroom at the hospital's new Teck Acute Care Centre.

The playroom was created to give children a space to play between medical treatments. It's designed to mimic the experience of being at the arena, complete with a jumbotron, hockey-themed fixtures and air hockey games.

Vancouver Canucks captain, Henrik Sedin smiles with kids playing air hockey
Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin laughs with children during the team's visit to BC Children's Hospital. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

The team spent some time playing air hockey and getting to know the kids.

"I think when you have kids yourself you kind of understand what these families are going through and what a visit means for them. Once you get kids, it hits you more so than before," said Canucks captain Henrik Sedin.

Rachel Gurraschel's eight-year-old son, Griffin Ployart was diagnosed with brain cancer in May.

He's cancer free now but is still recovering and uses a wheelchair.

"His days are so filled with hospital visits … and poking and prodding, that something like this means the world to him, and me and my husband as well. It's fantastic," she said.

Griffin got the chance to play air hockey against his favourite player, Brock Boeser.

"Playing air hockey with Griffin was fun. And just getting to meet all these kids is really cool and hear some of their stories and how strong they are is really special too," said Boeser.

The Canucks for Kids Fund donated $1 million in March 2016 to create the playroom.

Story By: Tina Lovgreen, CBC News