A New Era of Care

British Columbia’s kids now have an innovative, state-of-the-art facility to complement the outstanding care Children’s Hospital is well-known for. The Teck Acute Care Centre, which opened October 29th, is literally built to heal. Patients’ and their families’ entire journey—of body, mind and spirit—is planned and designed in extraordinary detail.

The impetus for this landmark building is a novel approach to collaboration between clinicians, surgeons, patient families, hospital leadership, designers and our philanthropic donors. The result is spectacular. Immediately, BC Children’s Hospital enhances its stature as a leading pediatric academic health centre in Canada and around the world.

This is just the beginning.

During the years of planning and construction, research capacity has grown exponentially and innovations in clinical care delivery are taking place that we could only have dreamed about a few years ago. Now, we are ready to engage community support for a new era of pediatric research and medicine.

In November, construction will get underway to re-locate Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children to the BC Children’s Hospital site. In the coming months, we will share our efforts to create an outstanding facility for the 7,100 children and their families from 250 communities across BC who come to Sunny Hill seeking assessments, diagnoses and rehabilitation.

We will also support the efforts of our outstanding researchers and clinicians to take-on childhood disease like never before. We will transform mental health through early intervention and access to treatment in order to enhance mental wellness and change lives. And, by advancing prevention, we foresee the day when many children may never need to enter a hospital.

With your help, we are moving closer to our vision: that every child is healthy and able to fulfill their hopes and dreams. The ingenuity and collaboration at the heart of the Teck Acute Care Centre are indications of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Thank you for helping to make this new era of care a reality.

Teri Nicholas, MSW, RSW
President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation


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