The Comforts of Home

For families, nothing is more stressful than having a sick child. The worry can be all-consuming and visits are not restricted to visiting hours.

To help kids and families feel more at ease, the Teck Acute Care Centre has been designed to provide comforts of home. The private patient rooms—all 231—are designed to be healing, welcoming spaces. In addition to the essentials, each room includes sleeping accommodations for a loved one and a large window with inspiring views. Medical and surgical inpatient rooms also include a bathroom with tub and shower, spacious cupboards, fridges and televisions.

“Having features like closet space is huge,” said Tina Chin, a member of the Family Advisory Committee, whose son, Aidan, was treated at the hospital for cancer. “Whether you’re there for one week, a month or six months, you don’t want to feel like you are living out of a suitcase.”

Beyond the room, amenities are spread throughout each floor to make the hospital feel homier. There are laundry machines, nutrition stations and parent showers. On the oncology floor—which has some of the longest staying patients—there’s even a full kitchen to prepare meals.

“We know that families heal faster when they are together,” said Jaime Williams, clinical lead for the Hudson Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. “But if family members are not taking care of their own needs—eating, resting, socializing—they will get run down and may become sick themselves.”

Kids and families can also feel a loss of control when in the hospital. With new enhancements, the facility has been designed to give a sense of it back. Personalization boards encourage kids to decorate their room with photos or share things about themselves. They can also use a remote control to contact the nurse, watch what they feel like on TV, or adjust the intensity of the lighting in the room. There’s even a Food-On- Demand service that lets them eat when they want to.

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