Getting Our Heads in the Game

New website aims to tackle sport injuries in kids

It’s no surprise that sports bring countless benefits to kids. They promote physical health and teach invaluable skills like teamwork—not to mention they’re just a fun time. But each year, sports-related injuries hospitalize an average of 900 kids and teens in BC. Researchers here are on the frontlines of changing that.

The BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) recently rolled out a website called Active & Safe Central. Drawing on research conducted at the hospital and around the world, it offers quick and helpful information on how to prevent injuries for over 50 sports and activities, like volleyball and swimming.

Visitors can do a quick search for their sport or activity of choice—which brings up types of injuries and risk factors associated with it. The site also offers tips to prevent injury that’s personalized to different audiences—kids and parents; coaches and teachers; officials and administrators; and health professionals. That includes things like strength training exercises to avoid ankle injuries when hiking or the best type of golf clubs to reduce stress on the body.

“Despite our best efforts, injuries from sport and recreational activity can and do happen,” said Dr. Shelina Babul, an associate director and sports injury specialist with BCIRPU. “Active & Safe Central helps parents stay informed about the risks for injury and how kids can stay safe.”

Check out the site at activesafe.ca   

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