Leaving a Legacy

Selwyn Wong

A long-time donor to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Victoria’s Selwyn Wong appreciates the importance of pediatric medical care, and its ability to transform lives. “In a perfect world, no child would suffer. You wish that there wasn’t a need for the hospital, but for now, there is. You hope all kids get the care they need to grow into healthy adults.”

Selwyn credits his parents for life lessons in volunteering, giving, and ensuring that his own Will is clear and up to date. Decades of annual giving culminated in Selwyn’s desire to plan for the future, and by designating the Foundation as beneficiary in his Will, feels confident his donations help elevate care for BC’s children for years to come.

“The beauty of it is that (the hospital) can help all of BC’s kids—to the far reaches of the province. Technology makes that possible, and who knows what will be possible in the future?”

When you leave a legacy, you help us care for the future. Please consider designating BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your Will.


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