New Horizons

After more than a decade in the making, we are thrilled that the Teck Acute Care Centre is open and already transforming the way we care for kids and families. With the most advanced technologies, purposeful spaces and private patient rooms, it’s an extraordinary place—and not surprisingly, we often get asked if our work is done because of it. But for us, this is just the beginning.

Having this world-class facility and the brightest minds working together within it has created infinite possibilities. That’s why our goals are bolder than ever before. Now, we’re on a mission to transform how we cure childhood diseases, like by making sure the very treatments we use to heal kids don’t harm them down the road. We’re also doing everything we can to make sure our care is tailored to the unique needs of kids—because we know they require their own specialized equipment and practices. And beyond treating children, we’re also working to prevent them from having to visit our hospital in the first place.

In this issue, we have a line-up of stories to show you how we’re doing all that. We start by taking you on a tour through the transformed procedures unit and then share a glimpse at what the Sunny Hill move to our campus will mean. We also tell you about how we’re using personalized medicine to improve the lives of kids with asthma and cancer. And, we shine a light on some of the groundbreaking discoveries and developments that are happening right on our campus.

As you read through the pages, I want you to know that it’s because of the generosity of donors like you that we can do this extraordinary work. Thank you for joining our quest to give kids and families in our province the very best health care.

Teri Nicholas, MSW, RSW
President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

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