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New Hospital Update: Floor 1

Posted by BCCHF Communications on 3 July 2015 | 1 Comments

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Floor 1: Emergency

The Emergency Department at BC Children’s is the busiest department in the hospital, with more than 44,000 visits from patients last year alone. It’s there that many patients make their first point of contact with the hospital. Care providers in the ED see everything from general pediatric concerns and illnesses like croup and sprained wrists, to life-threatening issues and trauma.

The Ledcor Children’s Emergency in the new Teck Acute Care Centre is designed to increase efficiency and decrease patient wait times. Upon arrival, patients and their families will be greeted and led to a private care space where the child will receive treatment for the illness or injury. The registration process will also take place in the private space to enhance infection control, soothe family anxiety and ensure confidentiality as families share their medical histories.

The new Ledcor Children’s Emergency will have a total of 55 treatment rooms, a huge increase from the current 24 care spaces. Whenever possible, children will stay in their own assigned treatment rooms, where staff and equipment will come to them, saving extra trips to and from assessment and treatment areas.

Five mental health rooms will provide a calming, therapeutic and low-stimulus space that’s removed from the fast pace of the main ED. Patients identified as requiring longer stays in the ED can be transferred to the six-bed Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). Currently these patients are admitted to the hospital, which can result in a longer stay. The CDU will help improve patient satisfaction by helping patients to go home sooner.

New amenities in the ED will include sleeper chairs for parents and support persons during late-night visits, a family kitchenette to help families meet their own nutritional needs while they stay close to their child, among other features.

The Ledcor Children’s Emergency will have:

·         3 times the space of the current ED;

·         4 assessment rooms;

·         2 critical care rooms;

·         6 Clinical Decision Unit rooms;

·         5 mental health rooms;

·         33 single-patient treatment rooms;

·         A family kitchenette;

·         A cast room;

·         A dedicated quiet room.

Learn more about other floors of the new hospital and read about some of the special features they will have for our patients and their families:

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  • This is very exciting to a parent that has spent many nights in emergency.

    Posted by Wendy Stewart, 05/08/2015 6:34pm (3 years ago)

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