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Preview of OCEAN 98.5 Radiothon for Kids

Posted by Tavia McQuay on 13 April 2016 | 0 Comments

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With support from a caring Vancouver Island community the Ocean 98.5 has made a significant impact the lives of children and their families who visit BC Children’s Hospital over the past 13 years, raising a cumulative $1.8 million through their annual Radiothon for Kids.

In preparation for the 14th annual event taking place May 12 and 13 in Centennial Square, Victoria , OCEAN hosts,AJ and Lisa D, visited with BC Children’s patients, families, and caregivers to see firsthand the miracles happening at BC Children’s Hospital. Talking with these families really drove home for them the importance of donating and how these donations are saving lives.

Now 12-years-old, Aidan was six when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is an incurable type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes severe abdominal discomfort and pain. “There were definitely some tears shed,” said his mother, Heather, “but this place is full of amazing people and we have had nothing but exceptional experiences and care.”

Wendy, mother of three-year-old Carretha, couldn’t agree more. “Every aspect of this place is valued,” she says. The mother of two never anticipated that one of her children would ever need the help of BC Children’s Hospital. No one ever does, but she says, “It could be one day. Donating goes a long way.” At 10 weeks old, Carretha developed a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the brain’s nervous system. The toddler now must come to BC Children’s Hospital two days a month to get IV infusions of pure antibodies.

Wendy’s son, Dominic, sees his younger sister go through these treatments and knows that the IV machines keeping his sister alive cost money. Both Carretha and Dominic are a part of the Sunny Bear Birthday Club and donate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in lieu of receiving birthday gifts. Wendy says, “[Dominic] sees how important these [IVs] are for his sister. It feels better than getting toys.”

Dominic isn’t the only one who realizes how special the treatment and equipment is here at BC Children’s Hospital. Seven-year-old Joshua was born in Uzbekistan and contracted pneumonia at a young age. His health deteriorated to a point where his heart eventually began to give out. When the care he needed wasn’t available in Asia, Josh came to BC Children’s Hospital and received a Berlin heart, a machine that acts as an external functioning heart, while waiting for a heart transplant.

“There are no words available to explain the works of the doctors and nurses [at BC Children’s Hospital],” says Josh’s dad. “It is the best hospital in the world. If you bring your child here, you’re in the best hands.”

John, dad of Kimber-Lynne who is nearing the end of her  ALL leukemia treatment, echoes this message. “If you are going to give,” he says, “give here.”

Inspired by the strength of the families they met on their visit, first-time Radiothon hosts, AJ and Lisa D are armed with a better understanding of how expert care and treatment wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of donors, and they can’t wait to get started on the Radiothon where they will meet more families and broadcast those stories live on air.

Tune in to Ocean 98.5 on May 12 and  13 from 6 am to 6 pm to hear more from the families introduced above, as we well as live interviews from Centennial Square. Call 250-519-KIDS during our live broadcast to donate to help BC kids get the care they deserve. You can also donate now online.