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Volunteers Make Us Great

Posted by Tavia McQuay on 11 April 2016 | 0 Comments

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With over 12 million volunteers in Canada, it’s only fitting to dedicate an entire week to inspire and activate volunteers in the community and across the country.

National Volunteer Week spans the week of April 10 to 16 and celebrates the outstanding efforts of volunteers, shining a spotlight on the generous people who help our communities grow.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation relies heavily on dedicated volunteers to help make events like Miracle Weekend, Slo-Pitch and RBC Race for the Kids shine. Without these volunteers we wouldn’t be able to set our Miracle Weekend fundraising goal to $18 million this year.

With Miracle Weekend just around the corner, June 4 and 5, and new volunteers joining our team, we decided to catch up with one of our veteran volunteers, John Chandler. This year marks John’s 25th year volunteering with BC Children’s! We’re so grateful he is able to pass on his knowledge and share some helpful advice to our newcomers.

A Veteran Volunteer’s Perspective

MW Volunteer, John ChandlerThere are many great reasons to volunteer, but John, who is the chair of Registration for Miracle Weekend chooses to because it is an extremely rewarding experience. “Thanks to the Foundation, I have the opportunity to participate in a great event that provides me with a very rewarding experience,” he says. “My worst fear is that I mess up horribly one year at the [Miracle Weekend] and then don’t get invited back the following year.” So far so good, John; we can’t do it without you!

If you’re a new Miracle Weekend volunteer, John encourages you to just enjoy the event. “Get to know the other volunteers; chat with people coming down to present [their fundraising cheques]; spend some time in the food tent!” At Miracle Weekend, and many other volunteer-run events, people are always in a good mood and ready to have a fun time. John says, “Whatever problems people are having in their lives, they seem to leave them behind when they come onsite.”

What advice would John give to someone looking to start out? “Just do it! It’ll be such a great experience and you’ll have so much fun you’ll regret that you waited so long to start volunteering.”

A Rookie Volunteer’s Perspective

This is all great guidance for our newest Miracle Weekend volunteer, Taylor. Taylor started on the Miracle Weekend volunteer team in February and was immediately welcomed by the returning volunteers. Being a full time student, she admits that it can be difficult to manage your time, but “everyone knows what they’re doing and love it so much that they are so invested in it.” Taylor’s favourite part about volunteering is that it takes you out of your regular routine and can show you the bigger picture. She says, “giving back is so rewarding and doing a small duty can make such a big difference,” which echoes John's sentiments.

One week is not enough time for us to show our thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that help our cause, but it’s a fantastic start! A big thank you to everyone who volunteers for the Foundation on a regular basis, and also to the ones who we’ve only met once. Every contribution makes a difference, and every volunteer adds value. Happy National Volunteer Week!

Looking to get involved with BCCHF? Check out our volunteer page. We are currently recruiting for Miracle Weekend, Slo-Pitch and RBC Run for the Kids.

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To volunteer with the hospital, visit the hospital’s volunteer page.