Donor Code of Ethics

In January 2007, the Board of BC Children's Hospital became a registered adherent to Imagine Canada's Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

In consultation with charity leaders throughout Canada, Imagine Canada developed this code to assure donors of the integrity and accountability of the charities that solicit and receive financial support from the public.

By adopting this code, BC Children's Hospital Foundation commits to conducting fundraising practices that respect each donor's rights to truthful information and privacy. The code also addresses the need for responsible management of donor funds and requires that all charities report financial affairs accurately and completely.

This Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code complements the professional codes of ethics and standards of practice to which BC Children's Hospital Foundation already adheres, which include a Donor's Bill of Rights and involvement with accredited fundraising associations.

In order to be recognized by Imagine Canada as having adopted this Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code, a charity's governing board must pass a motion as a formal resolution.

For more information on the fundraising code, visit Imagine Canada's website at