How Your Gift Helps

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The 9th annual Night of Miracles Gala will be raising funds to help establish Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), a new, leading edge program at BC Children’s Hospital.

What is POCUS? POCUS refers to an emerging and cutting edge technology that utilizes portable ultrasound at the bedside during an ED visit for a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and procedural purposes to help improve the quality and experience of care while in the ED.

“We’re excited to grow an entire program around this technology to help the children that we see here at BC Children’s Hospital.” - Dr. Garth Meckler, Division Head, Emergency Medicine

POCUS program facts:

  • At least half of the 48,000 children who visit our Emergency Department (ED) each year could potentially benefit
  • Using POCUS will have a tremendous impact on patient diagnosis, treatment and care including more efficient, quicker diagnoses, minimized discomfort and painful procedures
  • Some examples of how POCUS could be used daily in the ED include the ability to determine if a child’s heart is still beating, increasing the first time success of spinal taps, identifying and treating fractures, abscesses, catheterization and more
  • POCUS is a new field in pediatric medicine and with
  • the establishment of this program BCCH will be amongst the leaders nationally
  • BCCH ED physicians have the opportunity to take a lead and make this a standard of care for the pediatric population across the country
  • Currently the only other POCUS program for pediatrics is at Sick Kids