Celebrity Pie Throw 2019


The Teck Celebrity Pie Throw is an annual Mining for Miracles fundraising event in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The 2018 Pie Throw will take place on Thursday May 24, 2018 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. During Pie Throw, participants toss the world’s most expensive cream pies in the faces of mining industry leaders, all in support of BC’s sick and injured children.

One hundred per cent of all funds raised as part of the Pie Throw will go to support the development of the Transplantation & Cell Therapy Program (TRACE), the first of its kind in Canada. In 2017 and 2018, Mining for Miracles will raise approximately $2.9 million to support the development of TRACE. TRACE will work towards providing children across British Columbia with personalized medicine using the patient’s own cells to prevent rejection of organ transplants, kill cancer cells and fight infection. Learn more at www.miningformiracles.ca.

If you would like to make a gift in support of a Pie Throw participant, please select the participants name from the "Pie-ees" list below.

Mining for Miracles

Pie Throw Donation Benefits

Individuals or companies making donations in support of the Pie Throw will be recognized as follows;

$20,000+: Recognition during Pie throw as a major donor
: Company profile on Mining for Miracles website and social media mentions by Buddy the Miner
: Company logo on the homepage of the Mining for Miracles website and recognition in thank you advertisement in The Province newspaper following Miracle Weekend
: Company logo on the Mining for Miracles website
$1,000: Photo of Pie candidate post Pie Throw
$500: Entry into a draw for two Canucks tickets to the 2018/19 season *

* donation not required to participate in draw