Thank you to our 2018 entertainers


Jamaican Mi Juicy - Food Truck

A taste of the Caribbean.  Refreshing fruit smoothies made with real fruit.  A little bit of spice with a Jerk Chicken wrap or the always popular Jamaican patties.  Beef, chicken or vegetable.  Come and enjoy a little pick me up after the run.  Look for Jamaican Mi Juicy at all the festivals in Vancouver this summer including the PNE.

Popcorn and Freezies

Stop by for a little bit of popcorn and a cold freezie to cool down after the run!


If you are a family oriented entertainer and would like to be part of the RBC Race for the Kids celebration please send an email to race@bcchf.ca

Fin – Official Mascot of the Vancouver Canucks

Every year Fin joins the runners at the RBC Race for the Kids.  As the Mascot for the Vancouver Canucks, we usually spot him banging a First Nations drum or skating around Roger’s Arena during Canucks games.  He is easy to spot when you see ‘smoke’ coming out of his blowhole on his head.  Come out and see Fin at this year’s run and see him defend his championship title in the official Mascot Dance Off. Read more information about Fin.

 Leo the Lion – Official Mascot of the BC Lions

As a young cub, Leo lived in a den in the North Shore mountains. His parents left Leo to fend for himself early in life so that he could develop the skills needed for survival. Before long, Leo was roaming the parks and fields of Vancouver. During one blissful summer day, he found himself on the practice field of the BC Lions Football Club. The players stopped what they were doing and approached this young, but full-sized feline. A relationship was struck and Leo the Lion was declared the official team mascot.

Leo has a great rapport with children, visiting with them regularly at home games and community events. Watch for Leo the Lion to appear at special events in your city!

Learn more about Leo the Lion

Spike - Official Mascot of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC

After 17 years with the Club, Winger decided to hang up his boots and pass the torch to a younger generation as the Whitecaps made the move into MLS. However, he did not want to leave his position in the hands of just anyone, so he set out on a major scouting trip around BC to find his successor.

In November of 2002, after an exhaustive search around the province, Winger attended a mascot camp. This was where he first came across a feisty young bird named Spike. Winger thought Spike had the perfect mix of determination and personality to really make it big with the Whitecaps. Winger decided to take Spike under his wing and train him to be part of Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Spike trained hard since then. He learned to play the drums, he studied the Whitecaps players, he worked on his moves and by March 19 he was more than ready for his MLS debut.

So what happened to Winger? Winger watches Spike proudly every match...on TV from his sunny retirement nest.

Magic is in the Air – Award Winning Magicians from the Society of American Magicians – Carl Hemeon Assembly 95

Join Lon Mandrake and other amazing magicians at the post-run party and witness world-class magic right in front of your eyes. This group of magicians has supported BC Children’s Hospital and RBC Race for the Kids for many years and once again this year are back to amaze and delight young and old alike.

Come put a little magic in your day and find one of our wonderful magicians performing around the celebration site.

Lon Mandrake, Rod Chow, Denis Hewson, Kelvin Ng and Ray Roch.  To contact any of these remarkable magicians click on the links below.

Lon Mandrake

Rod Chow

Dennis Hewson

Henry Tom

TeeJay and his Amazing, Blazing Ukulele’s – Stop and visit TeeJay on the run route.

Tee Jay is one of Canada’s best Street Performers. With his amazing, blazing ukulele he entertains both kids and adults with his unique talent.  TeeJay usually can be found on Granville Island where he has his home base but you may find him at other venues around town and in Victoria as he shares his music with all who will stop to listen.

Stop and visit TeeJay on your run route and at the post-run after party.

Find TeeJay on Facebook

Partyworks Vancouver – We are Serious about Fun!

If you are having a party then Partyworks can deliver.  As a long-time supporter of BC Children’s Hospital and the RBC Race for the Kids, Partyworks Vancouver will once again be on hand to deliver the FUN!  It will be easy to find just look for the big colourful inflatable obstacle course.   Show your speed and agility and get through to the end faster than the next lane.


Click and Clown – Smiles, Laughter and Fun.

Join Dilly the Clown and Miss Donna at this year’s RBC Race for the Kids.  You will see Dilly and his friendly puppets on the run route and at the party after the run.  Dilly will entertain you with smiles and giggles from him and his friends.  Mango the Monkey is sure to show up if there are bananas around.  Make sure you stop and say hi!

Contact Dilly


Crowned Princess Entertainment

Every year the beautiful princesses from Crowned Princess Entertainment come to the RBC Race for the Kids to delight all. Crowned Princess Entertainment is a princess party company that is devoted to providing the most magical princess party experiences for your child. RBC Race for the Kids is grateful to Crowned Princess Entertainment for the enchanted experiences that they deliver to our runners every year.  Come out and have your picture taken with one of these timeless princess characters.

Vancouver Performing Stars

We are pleased to have the Vancouver Performing Stars back to entertain the runners this year. Vancouver Performing Stars are a performing arts training program for children ages 2-16 that offers a variety of music, theatre, and movement classes. From ballet, jazz and hip-hop to glee and musical theatre, the Vancouver Performing Stars strive to offer community programs that are continually growing with our students. By learning technique and confidence through song and play, children can hone their skills as performers while developing a love for the arts.

Contact Vancouver Performing Stars


Lindsey Long Legs

Look up, way up! Meet Lindsey Long Legs as he strolls around the celebration site. Lindsey has been a long time supporter of the RBC Race for the Kids and BC Children's Hospital and we love to see what new character shows up each year. Lindsey is one of a kind and is definitely "high on life'. Come see if you can shake his hand and take a picture.

Contact Lindsey Long Legs

Fiddlin Frenzy - Lia Gronberg

We are happy to have Lia from the Fiddlin Frenzy duo at RBC Race for the Kids again this year. 

Since a very young age, Lia has been performing fiddle with her brother in a fiddling duo called Fiddlin’ Frenzy. They have performed in events such as the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and many other music festivals.  Fiddlin’ Frenzy has been performing at Children’s Hospital events since they were very young. They have grown to young adults now and continue to entertain at RBC Race for the Kids.  Lia will be attending the University of Western Ontario on a scholarship, majoring in violin performance this fall.


Shrine Clowns

The Shrine Clowns have been entertaining kids at the RBC Race for the Kids for more than a decade. The Shriners in Your Community funds children in our community with much needed and medically necessary equipment such as leg braces, wheelchairs or possibly a new prosthetic. The Shrine Clowns are part of the prescription needed to improve the quality of a child's life through much-needed resources or perhaps just to bring a smile to their face. Look for Jimbo and Yee Haw who will be on the festival site making balloons with happy smiles.

David Lewis

Inlet Jazz Band

In 1995, Gord Hembruff, leader of the Port Moody Community Concert Band, along with some members of that band, decided to form a traditional 18 piece big band. The original repertoire of the band included big band favorites from pioneering bands in the 1930s and 1940s. Over the years, the repertoire has been expanded to include more modern jazz tunes and sophisticated popular music.  Andrew Clark took over the band in 2012 and toured Cuba with the band in 2015.  Most of the members have been in the band for many years and enjoy the camaraderie as much as making music together.


Temporary Tattoos

Stop by the tent and choose a pretty flower, heart or dragon tattoo on your hand, arm or even leg! Don't worry, in a few days the tattoo will disappear or you can wash it off when you get home.

Craft Tent

One of the most popular stops at the RBC Race for the Kids festival is the craft tent. Come join in and make a craft to take home. Colour a picture, make a bookmark or a funny mask. There are many different crafts to choose from!

Balloons and Bubbles

Stop by the balloon tent and pick up a balloon that will follow you around all day. Careful, don't let it go!

Fish Pond

Dangle your fishing pole until it is caught by one of the big fish in our fish pond. Be careful the fish doesn't eat your hook! Will there be a surprise when you pull the fishing rod out? fishing at this fish pond will delight the young ones when they receive a surprise gift for their patience at the fish pond.