Inspired Great-grandparents Give Back

Great-grandparents Joseph and Vonnie Kovacic know first-hand the importance of the care that BC Children’s Hospital provides to the children of British Columbia. Fourteen years ago, their then-14-year-old granddaughter Megan developed a benign brain tumour behind her left eye and required specialized care at Children’s. Thankfully, she recovered fully and is now a healthy mother of a four-year-old boy. Although it’s been a decade since Megan was sick, Joseph and Vonnie still remember vividly their experience at the hospital.

“The staff at BC Children’s were thoughtful, sensitive and caring,” says Vonnie. “They knew that as a 14-year-old girl, Megan’s hair was important to her. They took great care to only shave a portion of her head to perform the necessary surgery. It showed the level of understanding the staff have about children’s unique needs.”

Megan’s treatment inspired the couple to make a bequest in their will to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. They decided to use the “Tax Eliminator Clause” to leave their future gift to the hospital.

“It was very simple,” says Vonnie. “With my lawyer’s help I added a clause to my will, which allows my executors the power to reduce the amount of income tax payable on my final tax return to zero by making a gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.”  

“We know the hospital will put this gift to good use and continue to provide expert care to children like Megan,” Joseph says.

“People don’t think their gift will make a difference, but it will; If everyone gave a little bit it would become a lot!” adds Vonnie.

The Kovacics’ generosity reflects the value they place on child health and the well-being of children across the province. They know that it takes tremendous effort to provide world-class care to the nearly one million children who call BC home, and they are happy to do their part to ensure this care can continue for many years to come. 

If you are preparing your will and are considering using the Tax Eliminator Clause, please review it with your legal and tax advisors to determine its suitability for you.