Addison McArthur

As reporters with Global BC, Aaron McArthur and Elaine Yong have covered many stories at BC Children’s Hospital. Never would they have imagined, however, that one day, their child would be the subject of one of these stories.

Three weeks after Addison McArthur was born her heart began to fail, rapidly. Her condition was so serious that doctors at BC Children’s determined that her only chance of survival was a heart transplant.

A few days after Addison was placed on the cross-Canada heart transplant list, Elaine got the best Mother’s Day present she could ever wish for – a heart for Addison.

Addison became the first infant to receive a heart transplant at BC Children’s. She recently celebrated her first birthday and Aaron and Elaine could not be happier with the way their baby is progressing. They are grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the hospital through Global BC’s support of Miracle Weekend; they now report the hospital’s stories with an extra sense of personal conviction and gratitude.

Watch Addison's Story: