Amélie Andres

"Amélie, above all, gave me strength. Watching her fight so hard for her life was a very clear message to me that I better keep it together and be there for her. I could not fail her." Monica Munn, Mother of Amelie

Imagine the precision required for a surgeon to operate on newborn's heart. When Amélie was only eight days old her future lay in the hands of skilled cardiac surgeons at BC Children's Hospital.

Amélie was born with severe heart defects caused by a rare syndrome: she only had one major blood vessel coming out of her heart, instead of two, and she had holes in her heart.

If that wasn't a rough enough start, she also has asthma, a minor hearing impairment and has been hospitalized several times for pneumonia.

With an extensive medical history at BC Children's, Amélie has been seen in almost all of the hospital's core acute care areas - from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Emergency to the Respiratory and Hematology Departments and the Children's Heart Centre.

Defying expectations for a child with her condition, Amélie is one of the most active kids you will ever encounter. A gymnastics enthusiast, she is athletic and energetic with a competitive spirit that has helped her not only with school and sports, but to rebound from several open-heart surgeries and numerous hospital stays.

As Amélie grows she will continue to need Children's Hospital in her life. Her family is hopeful that advances in medicine will improve her treatments as she gets older, but she is well on her way to leading a long and active life.

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