Brooke Malakoff

Brooke earned her wings on October 17, 2015. She was a true inspiration and advocate for Childhood Cancer Research.

Brooke's family promised her that they would continue advocating for finding a cure. If you would like to honour Brooke and help her ongoing legacy to fund a cure for Childhood Cancer, please donate to Brooke's online page.

Twenty-year-old Brooke Malakoff doesn’t take anything for granted, and lives each day with purpose.  As a teenager Brooke was diagnosed with an incredibly rare tumour, known as a congenital infantile fibrosarcoma.  When it burst on Christmas Day in 2011, it was three-quarters the size of her left lung. Brooke underwent life-saving surgery during which her lung was removed and, as her type of tumour is normally only seen in infants, she was referred to BC Children’s Hospital.

Brooke’s treatment has proved as unique as her condition due to her tumour being too widely spread to remove or radiate. Her oncologist Dr. Caron Strahlendorf and interventional radiologist Dr. Manraj Heran have tried several innovative approaches to attempt to shrink Brooke’s tumours.

After a couple years of treatment and several stays at BC Children’s in early 2014, Brooke’s condition finally changed for the better – a new type of oral chemotherapy proves to be working and Brooke’s latest PET scan showed that, for the first time in two years, her tumours are shrinking.

In August 2014, Brooke and her family found out that her treatment was no longer having an impact on her tumours.  Facing an uncertain future pushed Brooke to create her “living list” and to live each day fully, and enjoy as many unique experiences with her family as she can.

Despite not having treatment options, Brooke still remains hopeful. “There have been a lot of ups and downs, but the care that I’m receiving at Children’s is unbelievable,” Brooke says. “They do absolutely everything they can to make sure that I’m comfortable, and able to live each day fully as long as I can.” 

Hear from Brooke, in her own words: