Bryan Edwards

When Bryan Edwards received a call from his son telling him to meet him at BC Children’s Hospital he was shocked. He soon learned that his grandson, four year old Greg, had suffered a serious brain injury and was being airlifted from his home in Courtenay to the emergency department at BC Children’s. Greg had fractured his skull falling out of a second story screened window. Mr. Edwards rushed to the hospital to be by his grandson’s side. Greg was unconscious and breathing through a tube when Mr. Edwards first saw him.

“The nurse said, ‘we are going to tell Greg everything we are doing as we believe they can understand and it helps calm their fears about what is happening.’ ” Mr. Edwards explained. “I knew then that he was in good hands and they were going to take care of him in the best way they could.” He added.

Dr. Cochrane, a neurosurgeon at BC Children’s Hospital, treated Greg for his injuries and assured Mr. Edwards that he would recover, claiming that he would be home with his family in less than two weeks.

“I could not believe it, but obviously his experience allowed him to know how quickly, with the proper care and treatment, children can recover from these injuries.” Mr. Edward said.

Greg spent the first few days after the accident in the Intensive Care Unit, receiving round-the-clock care from the dedicated physicians and nurses at the hospital. He made a remarkable recovery and went home after only six days. However even after Greg went home he still needed to have check-ups at BC Children’s Hospital every three months to ensure that his skull was healing and that no complications developed from his injuries. After several years Greg had recovered so well that he was able to play hockey in the goalie position. He is now in his third year of university. 

Greg’s experience left a lasting impression on Mr. Edwards. In the years that followed he became passionate about the critical care that BC Children’s Hospital provides to children like Greg every day. He became a dedicated donor, purchasing equipment for the Intensive Care Unit. He also decided to leave a future gift to the hospital, a gift through his RRSP’s, as part of his estate plan. Mr. Edwards volunteers his time to encourage others to support the hospital by speaking at retirement seminars.

Mr. Edward states: “I know that my gift, when added to those of other donors, makes a very big difference for children and their families and it is wonderful knowing that I can play a part in that.”