Carol Miller

A legacy gift that comes straight from the heart

After retiring from a busy career as an educator, Carol Miller yearned for something more. “I saw the needs of children and their families, and volunteering at BC Children’s Hospital was a natural fit.” For over 15 years, Carol has volunteered with the Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital, serving on its board. She is currently the Auxiliary’s liaison with the hospital foundation’s Miracle Weekend.

“As a volunteer, I try to make a difference with my time but I also wanted to make a difference far into the future. By supporting research at BC Children’s Hospital with a legacy gift, I am able – in a small way – to help children.”

Deciding to join the Caring for the Future Society by naming BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in her will was easy for Carol. “I’ve seen how illness can devastate a family,” she says. “If I can assist in any way, I want to do it.”

It was a behind-the-scenes tour of the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI), located on the site of BC Children’s Hospital, that cemented Carol’s decision. “I’m the kind of person who needs to see things for myself. On the tour, I saw and heard first-hand from the researchers the relationship between our on-site research facility and bedside care. Research into childhood diseases is their passion and boy, did it show.”

The tour showed Carol exactly where she wanted her legacy gift to go. “When you’re thinking of making this type of gift, you want to know it will have an impact – research makes a difference. BC Children’s Hospital and CFRI have some of the best researchers in the world and their success means fewer children suffering from devastating diseases.”

Once Carol had narrowed the focus of her legacy gift to research, the rest was simple. “It was an easy process and I had complete control. The foundation’s staff helped me find just the right wording to fulfil my wishes and then I visited my lawyer to revise my will,” says Carol.

Supporting a cause so close to her heart is extremely rewarding for Carol. “To be able to use my money to change lives is a privilege. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing I’ll be making a difference to children long after I am gone.”