Casey Wright

"To my dear doctor and care givers, thank you so much for taking care of me, I love you."

Casey, a patient at BC Children's Hospital since birth, helped host the 2012 Miracle Weekend. Sharing his story, and educating people on how BC Children's Hospital helps kids like him, is a personal passion of Casey's.

Thirteen-year-old Casey Wright’s small stature is deceiving: his personality is larger than life, an attribute that has helped him and his family cope with ongoing treatment for a brain tumour since he was six months old.

Casey endured surgery and chemotherapy as an infant, and again at age three. At the time, his tumour was inoperable. Then everything changed last January, as Casey’s tumour was pressing on his optic nerve, posing the risk of complete blindness. During major brain surgery in February 2013, Casey’s medical team at BC Children’s was finally able to remove the tumour. But this victory was bittersweet as Casey suffered a stroke in the weeks following surgery, paralyzing his right side. He then began the arduous task of rehabilitation at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children.

Casey spent two and a half months at Sunny Hill relearning to swallow, speak and walk. Today, he is back at home and on the road to – his parents hope – a cancer-free recovery. Never at a loss for words, Casey declares he will fill the void left by the tumour with “more personality, because the world can never have enough Casey.”