Colonel Harland Sanders Charities

With a great love for children and a genuine concern for others, Colonel Harland Sanders’ smiling face left a lasting impression on everyone who met him. Affectionately known as the “Colonel”, he possessed an imaginative spirit that is displayed through his sincerity, generosity, and philanthropy. He and his wife Claudia believed strongly that with success came an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Whenever they saw someone in need, they would lend a helping hand. The couple ensured their legacy of giving would continue by establishing the Colonel Harland Sanders Trust to advocate for children’s causes and pediatric hospitals throughout Canada and the United States.

The Colonel Harland Sanders Charities’ generous $1-million gift to support the Allergy Clinic will ensure that children requiring specialized care for allergies will have a place to turn to for years to come. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is proud to honour the Colonel Harland Sanders Charities for their commitment to child health and for continuing the Colonel’s inspiring legacy of philanthropy.