Corin Cao

Corin Cao is not a typical five-year-old. Born in Richmond, BC, Corin’s health problems surfaced after she moved to Beijing, China. At 21 months old Corin would not eat and started breathing strangely. After several hospital visits and no answers, Corin fell into a coma for 24 hours.

Upon waking, Corin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – a diagnosis that changed her and her family’s lives forever. Corin’s blood glucose level had to be checked almost constantly and she required insulin shots every day to manage her condition.

As Corin turned three, it was clear that she was not growing well. With limited support available for Corin in China, her mother Jessie decided to move back to BC in search of better diabetes care. As soon as Jessie set foot inside BC Children’s Hospital she knew that she and Corin were at the right place and would get all the support they needed.

A team of health-care professionals – dietitians, nurses and doctors – trained Jessie on the foods and activities that Corin could consume and undertake. At every clinic visit, the team would review Corin’s blood glucose and insulin levels, and her food intake, making adjustments and providing suggestions on how to better manage Corin’s diabetes. Whenever Jessie had questions she knew that the experts at BC Children’s were just a phone call or email away, helping to ease her anxiety and build her confidence in caring for Corin at home.

Thanks to the support of BC Children’s caregivers and Jessie’s diligence in caring for her daughter, Corin has grown substantially over the past year and her condition is now stable. She wears an insulin pump daily to deliver the insulin constantly, and visits BC Children’s Hospital every six months for checkups. When she’s not in daycare, Corin spends her time playing with her favourite toy, her teddy bear, and having tea parties with her older sister.