Cypress Kouri

Cypress Kouri is the epitome of positivity – he’s so upbeat he never gives any indication of the hardship he has been through.

Cypress and his family were on vacation visiting family when he started complaining of a sore stomach and a fever. It seemed like a fleeting illness at the time. But later that summer, he visited the hospital and was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, a cancer of the kidneys.

Immediately after the diagnosis, Cypress and his family were flown from Victoria to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver where they stayed for a few months. Despite Cypress’s situation – being in the hospital for cancer treatment – he maintained a positive attitude.

“He memorized the scientific names for all his operations, treatments and medications,” says his mother Manon. “He also became good friends with the nurses and doctors.”

Manon looks back at their time in the hospital as a positive experience that had evolved from an awful situation. She says that it was terrifying, but Children’s was extremely supportive of her family and all the other children in the hospital.

“The hospital is amazing; they transformed what was the hardest time of our lives into a positive experience,” says Manon. “They inspired us to give back in our communities.”

One of the scariest moments at the hospital, was also one of the happiest, she adds.

“When he had his kidney removed, friends back in Victoria organized a karaoke fundraiser for Cypress and he skyped in and sang out loud the whole night. He was pretty amazing.”

Although Cypress still has to come in for checkups every three months, he has returned to his life as an athletic, positive, and happy nine-year-old boy, kept busy making homemade Christmas presents for everyone he knows.