Dr. Cindy Verchere

As a full-time surgeon, Dr. Cindy Verchere, head of the Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at BC Children's Hospital, rarely gets a moment's rest. She is passionate about what she does ' treating children who have suffered burns, hand or facial injuries, or are born with clefts and other visible conditions.

Dr. Verchere, along with the six other members of her surgical division are members of the Children's Circle of Care ' a giving circle in which individuals, family foundations and privately owned corporations each donate $10,000 or more annually to their local children's hospital.

The team's donations, which are then matched with funds provided by two donors, enable her group to hire a clinical fellow and a research coordinator. These additional team members are instrumental to the care of children requiring pediatric plastic surgery. She and her team are proud to be able to give to a cause that is so close to their hearts.

Learn more about Dr. Verchere through the Day in the Life of a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon video.