Emily Rogers

At 15 years old, Emily Rogers is nothing less than a wonder girl – she has endured 17 surgeries and procedures, and still manages to keep a bright smile on her face.

Emily was not expected to survive past her premature birth. She was born with a major abdominal defect and seven organs outside of her body. At just four hours old, Emily underwent her first surgery, which lasted eight and a half hours.

Her parents were prepared for the worst. Then, to her parents’ greatest hopes, surgeons at BC Children’s Hospital were successful in their efforts to put two of Emily’s organs back inside her body.

Though the first surgery was over, Emily was still at a major risk of infection since her abdomen was open for so long. By the time Emily was seven days old, her doctors had completed their work, leaving Emily less than five pounds, but still holding onto life.

Fifteen years later, Emily is no longer in need of medications and gives no indication of the perilous start to her life other than her hearing loss and minor kidney problems.

Emily now busies herself with friends, gymnastics and photography, and one day plans to be an elementary school teacher.