Faris Abdulwahab

Breaking a bone was almost a daily occurrence for Faris Abdulwahab. When his mother Liza was six months pregnant, doctors diagnosed Faris with a genetic disorder commonly known as brittle bone disease, for which there is currently no cure.

Faris’ first encounter with broken bones was on the day he was born – he suffered several bone fractures and was not expected to live. But two doctors at BC Children’s Hospital believed there was treatment that could save Faris. Their perseverance and Faris’ strong will paid off – today 10-year-old Faris is the light and joy of his family.

Faris was the first child with his condition to have metal rods put in his legs to support his weight and prevent fractures – a treatment traditionally used to treat elderly people with osteoporosis. To grow stronger bones, Faris also takes a medication usually prescribed for menopausal women fighting osteoporosis.

Despite all the challenges he faces the chatty youngster has always remained positive. From a young age, he dreamed of being an entertainer – so far, Faris has recorded a few songs in the studio and has done a voiceover for a kids’ TV show under his stage name, Freeze.

Thanks to the care he receives at BC Children’s, Faris’ condition is improving every day. He has had a lot less bone fractures in recent years – a welcome change from when they used to happen, in Faris’ words, “24-7.”

“I want to live my life to the fullest by doing what I like to do and contribute my talents to the world,” Faris says. “I believe that even with my disabilities, nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. I want to be an inspiration to children with disabilities.”

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