George Tedlock

The Sweetest Gift

Vancouver resident and master chocolatier George Tedlock was a gentle man who enjoyed walking in his West End neighbourhood, feeding birds and chatting with shopkeepers. When he passed away in 2009 in his 103rd year he left the residual of his estate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Mr. Tedlock was the founder of Lee’s Candies on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver, which he ran for over 50 years. Though his shop was successful he never aspired to expand his business, believing that hand-dipped chocolates in small batches resulted in the finest quality. He valued his customers and employed many young people, teaching them the skills of chocolate-making and the value of hard work. He remarked that “it will be nice to be remembered for my mint truffle when I head for that great candy kitchen in the sky.” It was only when he reached the age of 95 that his failing eyesight forced him to retire. He generously sold his shop to a dedicated employee for only one dollar.

With his estate gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Mr. Tedlock left much more than delicious memories of his confections; he also demonstrated his commitment to child health and his belief in giving back to the community that had supported his beloved candy shop for so many years. Gifts such as Mr. Tedlock’s are vital for BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children to remain at the forefront of pediatric health care excellence.

Leaving a charitable bequest to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will is an easy way to continue supporting a cause that is important to you beyond your lifetime. Bequests can be made to support a specific area of the hospital or to the area of greatest need. They can also help you to maximize the value of your estate for your family and relatives while supporting child health.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Gift & Estate Planning team are available to explain the options that can help you decide how to express your philanthropic goals through a legacy gift. A legacy gift of any size to BC Children’s Hospital has the power to ensure future generations of children receive the best possible care and treatment.

Mr. Tedlock knew what was important in life: hard work, kindness and compassion. While he will be remembered for his delicious chocolate treats, his gift to the children of BC is his sweetest legacy.