Hannah Schneider

"I can remember specifically looking at Dr. Sanatani and asking him point blank is there an increased chance that she's going to die. I didn't have [any] idea what was going to happen."

At birth, Hannah Schneider seemed to be the image of health; she was perfection in her parents' eyes. But two weeks into life, Hannah's health deteriorated, fast.

Hannah's doctor suspected she had a heart problem. Hannah was quickly admitted to emergency, while her parents, Jennifer and Jason, became increasingly alarmed at the severity of her condition.

Hannah's heart was racing. To get her heartbeat under control, doctors needed to administer a drug to stop and restart her heart. After several attempts to get her racing heart under control, the medical team approached Jennifer and Jason with another option: Hannah could participate in a drug trial, which would deliver two drugs to determine which had the best outcome. Knowing that a decision had to be made immediately and trusting the experience and knowledge of Hannah's caregivers, the family jumped at the chance to participate in the study that could potentially save their daughter's life.

After just a few adjustments to the medication, the treatment was a success. Two weeks later, Hannah was able to return home with her family. Although the future is still uncertain, doctors are hopeful that Hannah will outgrow her condition and continue to live a happy and healthy life.