Hudson Verigin

For years Voula and Graham Verigin brought their child, Hudson, to the hospital regularly, not knowing the cause behind his illness. He was constantly sick – fighting infections, colds and coughs. When he was between two and three years of age, Hudson didn’t gain any weight at all, another sign that he was quite ill.

Just after his third birthday Hudson was tested for cystic fibrosis (CF) – the result came back positive. There was no known history of CF in the family and Voula and Graham were devastated to learn that their son’s condition was so serious. They committed themselves to helping Hudson live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

To help manage his symptoms, Hudson does physiotherapy twice a day, uses a compressor with nebulizer, and takes pancreatic enzymes and oral medications to help with digestion and combat infection. Voula and Graham say that when Hudson is at his healthiest, he is outgoing, energetic and has a funny personality. He loves video games, trains and jumping on his trampoline. As Hudson is constantly at risk of contracting infections from other people, the family is cautious about him coming into contact with large groups of children and is extra vigilant when flying to Prince George to visit his grandma. Hudson is now in kindergarten and visits BC Children’s Hospital every eight weeks to meet with CF specialist, Dr. Mark Chilvers.