Jake and Judy Kerr

Jake and Judy Kerr believe that a warm and comforting environment can help transform the health of a sick child. As parents and grandparents who have relied on BC Children’s Hospital, their decision to create a peaceful and child-friendly environment in the new hospital has immense meaning.

For the Kerrs, the new BC Children’s is much more than bricks and mortar. They recognize families as the greatest source of love and strength for patients, and know that a hospital specifically designed to promote healing will allow children to be children, whether ill, well or on their way to better health.

Having witnessed the exceptional care that their own family has received, Jake and Judy believe they have a responsibility to do their part and feel privileged to support the Campaign for BC Children. Their generous gift of $1 million ensures doctors, nurses and caregivers are working in an environment that inspires them to do their best, and sets a standard of care that gives children and families in BC their best chance for a healthy future.