Luca Piccolo

Luca's parents, Lisa and Jim, always had a feeling that something wasn't quite right with their infant son's digestive system. After seeking answers for several months, Luca's parents were devastated to learn that their then two-year-old son had cystic fibrosis (CF), a chronic and life-limiting illness. Once the news set in, Lisa and Jim were determined to be the greatest advocates for Luca's health.

Today, Luca is managing his cystic fibrosis well through strict daily regimen of medication and therapy. Twice a day Luca must use a PEP mask and physiotherapy, in addition taking up to 45 pills a day to combat infection and aid digestion.

Luca makes regular clinic visits to BC Children's Hospital to see a variety of specialists such as dieticians and CF doctors, and also makes trips to the hospital for X-rays and blood tests. At times, he has been admitted for up to two weeks for a "tune up."

Luca has shared his daily routine with his classmates and volunteer fundraisers at BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Through his presentation, A Day in the Life with Cystic Fibrosis, Luca takes his audience through his day of physical therapy, multiple pills and clinic visits.

Lisa often says that CF is an invisible disease as, meeting 13-year-old Luca, he looks very healthy. His outgoing personality and winning smile make it hard to believe that underneath lays a disease that he battles every day.

Learn about a day in Luca's life with cystic fibrosis by watching Luca's Story: