Milan & Maureen Ilich

As leaders in business and philanthropy, Milan and Maureen Ilich have never been afraid to go first. True to form, the Ilichs were the first individuals to step forward with a $1-million lead gift to the Campaign for BC Children.

Over the past three decades, Milan and Maureen have helped promote the health and wellbeing of children and families in BC through the Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation. Since 1989, they have donated more than $1.7 million to BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

In addition to their financial contributions, Milan and Maureen's gifts of time and energy illustrate their lifelong dedication to philanthropy and caring for the needs of children - from being founding members of the Children's Circle of Care and serving on BC Children's Hospital Foundation's Board, to instilling the value of philanthropy in the next generations of philanthropists.

In 2010 Milan and Maureen were recognized for their outstanding contributions to BC Children's Hospital at the Children's Circle of Care Leadership Conference in Atlanta. Their generous spirit and philanthropic leadership are an inspiration to all British Columbians.