Roger and Darla Steers

When a parent loses a child to cancer there are many ways to deal with the pain. Roger and Darla Steers decided to fundraise to help find a cure and give back to the hospital where their child was cared for.

Meredith Steers was diagnosed with leukemia when she was only 17 months old. “Life was only just getting started when it took this major detour. In a way the hospital was her life as most of her non-infant years were spent there as a patient,” says Roger.

“I can’t say enough about the care that Meredith received at BC Children’s Hospital. Despite every effort of the caregivers she passed away only one year after her diagnosis,” Darla says.

Roger and Darla fundraise actively to help find a cure for childhood cancer. One of Roger’s projects is to encourage philanthropy among realtors and developers. Another way they support the hospital is by including BC Children’s Hospital in their will.

“When we sat down and got around to what many parents struggle to get around to – creating our wills – we wanted to leave something that BC Children’s Hospital could benefit from,” Roger says. “Everyone should have a will, especially if you have minor children,” Darla adds. “Without a will, who will care for your children?” With two healthy sons, this concern was a big motivator for Roger and Darla to get their wills in order.

Ensuring that the brothers know about Meredith is also important. When the family visited the hospital in 2012, they made a point of visiting the unit where Meredith was cared for and where a picture of her still hangs on the bulletin board. Roger and Darla are proud knowing that their bequest honours their daughter's life.

Leaving a bequest in your will is simple to do. Just a few sentences are all that is needed. Visit a lawyer or notary experienced in estate planning to help you include your charitable bequest(s) in your will. Your gift will help to create a brighter future for generations of BC’s children and their families.

When including a gift to BC Children’s Hospital in your will, or any other document, remember to use our correct legal name British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. For more information on charitable bequests or to order our Guide to Giving, please contact the Gift & Estate Planning Team at or 604-875-2444.