Simran Sarai

Simran Sarai was often the leader of her twin brother, Sajjan, and younger brother, Daya. So when the usually energetic six-year-old started to spend her free time curled up on the couch complaining of leg pain, her parents, Sarj and Jin, became concerned.

Simran’s leg pain worsened and a blood test was performed to determine why Simran’s health deteriorated so suddenly. When the results came back, Sarj was asked to bring Simran to BC Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department immediately.

After five hours of tests, doctors took Sarj and Jin into a private room and delivered the devastating news – Simran had leukemia.

“At first I refused to believe what I was being told,” said Sarj. “But when I heard the cure rate for Simran’s type of cancer was upward of 90 per cent, my despair turned to relief.”

Simran spent the next nine days in an isolation room to undergo intense treatment. Despite her physical challenges, Simran remained positive and high-spirited – something that Sarj says helped the family get through the tough times.

Over the next several months, Simran was in and out of Children’s Hospital to receive treatment. But by the summer of 2007, her health finally began to improve.

Now a mature teen, Simran is back in school full time, plays soccer and enjoys cross-country running. Thanks to the love of her family and the support of her caregivers at BC Children’s Hospital, the future looks bright for Simran.

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