Tristyn Tallio

In his first four years, Tristyn Tallio's life has been full of unexpected miracles. Born with a syndrome so rare that it cannot even be found in a pediatric textbook, he was not expected to survive past birth. He did. As a newborn, with major heart and lung defects, half of a sternum, an enlarged liver and his intestines outside of his body, Tristyn was never expected to leave the hospital. He did. Because of his tracheostomy, he was not expected to speak, but even this, he did.

Because of his complex health needs, Tristyn has spent most of his life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at BC Children's. For more than three years, it was his home. Through the care and love of his caregivers in the PICU, and his mother Bertha, who has never left his side, Tristyn has overcome insurmountable odds. He left his hospital home several months ago and is headed to kindergarten this fall. For a boy who was never expected to pass his third birthday, Tristyn truly is a miracle.

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