Wheaton Precious Metals

One of the many reasons Wheaton Precious Metals is such a valued partner to BC Children’s Hospital is that they share the belief that a sick child affects everyone.

The importance of family values is engrained in the culture of the close-knit organization. Through partnerships that align the needs of the community, Wheaton Precious Metals wants to ensure that families have access to the best quality health care possible.

Wheaton Precious Metals focuses on investing in solutions that help build resilient, thriving communities. They believe that the new BC Children’s Hospital will benefit the greater community and were eager to contribute a remarkable $1-million to its construction through BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Campaign for BC Children. Thanks to donors like Wheaton Precious Metals, the need to better the care provided to children in BC became a solution that, come 2017, will revolutionize the way pediatric care is delivered to the province’s 1-million children.

Being British Columbia-based, the children of BC hold a special place in the hearts of the Wheaton Precious Metals family. “With the new hospital’s construction well underway, we are thrilled with its progress and are overjoyed at the thought of the impact it will have on the children in our communities in just a few short years.” - Randy Smallwood, President, and CEO, Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges Wheaton Precious Metals for its commitment to BC Children’s Hospital.

On behalf of all of BC’s children and families, thank you, Wheaton Precious Metals.