When the challenges in front of us seem enormous, the best way to start is small. That might be with one promising idea, one step forward or one single gift.

Collectively, these beginnings create a ripple effect that can unleash massive advances in care. They transform the seed of a belief into breakthroughs. They turn audacious ideas into success stories. They become achievements that don’t just change today, but the trajectories of tomorrow as well.

Last year, we saw the many ways that greatness starts small. We hope you’re as inspired by these stories as we are—they are a reality because of you.

You’re pushing the next advances over the finish line

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Leading the charge in tackling pain

Kids are wired differently. For example, they can often feel pain more intensely than adults. The challenge is that pain is harder to recognize in young patients, especially if they can’t express how they feel.

Fuelled by our community of supporters, BC Children’s Hospital has reimagined pain care for kids and youth across the province. That includes everything from helping prepare them for procedures to ease stress, to using mindfulness techniques to manage pain. The ultimate goal? Make sure pain is cared for today, so that it doesn’t become lifelong trauma.

In 2023, these efforts were recognized in a big way: BC Children’s became a ChildKind certified hospital. That makes it one of only three children’s hospitals in Canada—and 15 worldwide—to receive the international designation that recognizes pediatric pain care excellence.

Empowering experts to rise to big challenges

Your support allows the best and brightest minds at BC Children’s to move forward in overcoming our most pressing health challenges.

health care providers on campus



shaping the future of child health



chasing their boldest ideas



honing their pediatric skills



delivering specialized & advanced practice care



creating brighter moments

How whole genome sequencing is unlocking new possibilities in child health.

How whole genome sequencing is unlocking new possibilities in child health.

Unleashing the power of small in surgery

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. When operating on it, every single millimetre matters—which means that precision is paramount. In 2019, generous donor support allowed BC Children’s Hospital to receive an advanced surgical robotic system. The impact of this was felt in extraordinary ways last year—proving how gifts can continue to revolutionize care for years to come.

In particular, the technology played a powerful role in tackling hard-to-treat cases of epilepsy. While medication is typically given, it can fail to control seizures in some children. Many continue to experience seizures several times a day, impacting their ability to attend school, play sports and spend time with friends. The next course of action is often surgery. The challenge? Locating the seizure source can be extremely difficult.

By enabling precise minimally invasive placement of electrodes to measure brain wave activity, the technology has allowed neurosurgeons to pinpoint the exact spot that triggers seizures. Once found, they could remove that tissue through surgery. This has stopped seizures entirely in some children—giving them the chance to live full lives.

Surgeons hope to build upon this technology to fight epilepsy in novel ways in the future, including precisely destroying seizure-causing tissue that’s too difficult or risky to reach through open surgery.

Finding answers for the unexplainable

The journey to get a diagnosis for rare, unexplained conditions can take years—and answers can be elusive. Children often endure countless tests and specialist appointments, while their families may struggle with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and isolation.

Last year, experts at the Rare Disease Discovery Hub at BC Children’s made major breakthroughs: they discovered two diseases, revealing them to the world for the first time. This was made possible through donor support of the Hub, which uses cutting-edge genetic sequencing technologies to pinpoint the responsible gene, and advanced molecular biology technologies to fully characterize the disease.







For families who have often endured years facing the unknown, the Hub has provided long-awaited answers—and in some cases, opened new doors to existing drugs that provide a path forward to treatment.

How rare disease researchers fight for kids in BC and beyond.

How rare disease researchers fight for kids in BC and beyond.

A game-changing diabetes tool

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, their life changes in an instant. Immediately, families must become experts in the disease as they monitor a child’s health around the clock. The questions quickly follow. What do you do if blood glucose levels suddenly plummet? And what’s the proper technique for insulin injections?

To provide accurate information in one single place, BC Children’s Hospital launched a first-of-its-kind education tool last year through the generous support of donors—called LearnDiabetes. The interactive multimedia platform contains 46 lessons and nine learning modules that provide digestible guidance on how to best manage the lifelong disease. Already, numerous families have gained confidence by having the expertise of BC Children’s Hospital right at their fingertips—whenever they need it.

Mobile phone with stats

A high-tech way to comfort

Imagine: pet-like robots that quell anxious feelings before surgery, provide companionship during long hospital stays, and comfort kids during their toughest moments. That’s no longer a distant reality—because of you.

Your support is allowing researchers to move forward in exploring the potential for using social robots in the hospital. These friendly companions are equipped with cameras in their eyes, a touch-sensitive body and sonar hearing that allow them to interpret kids’ facial expressions and body language—and respond accordingly.

Using an interactive game, a team of researchers are working to engage children and families to understand their biggest hopes for the robots. This will provide new insights into the role the technology can play in comforting and distracting kids across many areas of care. There’s still plenty more to do, but this work brings us closer to integrating social robots in the hospital.

Meet the Mighty

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Caden has a unique life that he shares with the world.


Kiara's Story

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There is strength in numbers

Last year, you proved just how mighty small can be. So many of you—88,483, to be exact—rallied together in inspiring ways to make a real difference in tackling complex health challenges.

You passionately attended our events, raised funds alongside your colleagues, made generous monthly gifts and came up with your own clever ideas for fundraisers.

No matter how you supported us, every single effort has contributed to a greater whole that’s propelled our fight against childhood illnesses. We are so grateful to have you standing with us.

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Investment assets with the right asset mix are vital to ensuring stable and sustainable donor contributions to BC Children’s Hospital. Some of the larger investments made by the hospital are multi-year projects and it is critical that the funding is protected from inflation. We prudently invest donor funds through a well-diversified asset-mix portfolio with a number of investment managers. A significant portion of our investment assets are endowment funds that are externally restricted contributions made by donors. On an annual basis, the Board approves the endowment payout rate (4.45% for FY 2023) based on the performance of our investment portfolio. These funds continue to provide an important base of ongoing and reliable funding for child health initiatives at BC Children’s Hospital.

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BC kids prove that small can be mighty.

BC kids prove that small can be mighty—and with the right support, research and care, more of them have a fighting chance. Thank you to our donors for making this possible.

Small is Mighty