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Brooklyn's Back

Posted on 18/06/2009 12:00am

Written by Bernice Trick
Prince George Citizen

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brooklyn Kennedy, the Prince George girl who's been undergoing cancer treatments for eight months in Vancouver, was well enough to come home this week to attend her school wind-up celebration.

Brooklyn joined her classmates Thursday night at St. Mary's elementary school to graduate into Grade 8.

The 12-year-old still has to face one final five-day series of chemotherapy at B.C. Children's Hospital, her dad Tim told The Citizen Thursday.

"She's doing pretty well and the doctors are positive about her recovery," said Tim. "She's happy to be home for this special time."

Tim and Debbie will be returning with Brooklyn to Vancouver shortly for her final round of treatment, with the hope they can all come home to stay by mid-July "once her blood count is up and checkups are good."

It was late October when Brooklyn was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare cancer occurring most frequently in teenagers that experts believe may be related to puberty and fast-growth of bones where the cancer is usually found as well as in soft tissue.

She also faced surgery to remove a rib and have an adjacent one scraped in order to eliminate a tumour.