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Sweet Charity! Earls Restaurants Easter chocolate campaign raises funds to benefit Children's Hospital Foundations

Posted on 10/03/2009 12:00am

Purdy's Chocolates to produce Earls 'Thoughtful Chocolate Bar'

North Vancouver, BC - March 10, 2009 - Earls is celebrating the 11th year of its annual fundraiser to raise funds for local Children's Hospital Foundations. The 50g milk chocolate bars created by Vancouver's Purdy's Chocolates, will be available for $2.00 from March 13 until Easter at each of Earls 59 restaurants located in Canada and the United States.
The fund raising goal for this year is $60,000. It will be donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation or Children's Charity in each community where Earls operates. Over the past eleven years, they have raised over half a million dollars, thanks to the generosity of Earls' customers.
"Earls is dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve," says Stanley Fuller, CEO, Earls Restaurants Ltd. "Easter is an exciting time for children, we are looking forward to dedicating four weeks within our restaurants to help brighten a child's future."
Earls launched this fundraiser with Gingerbear cookies in December 1998 and has been selling the Bears every year since then to raise funds for local Children's Hospital Foundations. To mark the tenth anniversary, they teamed up with a local chocolatier, to produce a handcrafted chocolate Bear. For the 2009 program, Earls has continued with a chocolate program and has partnered with Purdy's Chocolates, a great partnership and shared dedication to quality and value. The season has shifted from Christmas to Easter, allowing each restaurant location to dedicate time during a less hectic time of year to raising funds for this important charity.
More about Earls: Since opening its first location in 1982, Earls has continually raised the bar in casual dining, offering customers great food at a great price, in a fun and relaxed environment. Today, with 59 Earl's locations across Canada, Arizona and Colorado, each location remains consistent in quality and service. The staff at Earls goes beyond customer expectations with their exceptional service, creating an environment where customers feel welcome. These attributes, along with a stellar menu infused with international flavours and dishes, is what sets Earls apart from the competition. For more information, see

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