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The Greater Trail community is coming together to help 11-year-old Devon McIsaac.

Posted on 05/05/2009 12:00am

By Will Johnson - Trail-Rossland News

Published: May 05, 2009

The Greater Trail community is coming together to help 11-year-old Devon McIsaac.

McIsaac has had many setbacks. Confined to a wheelchair and struggling with developmental delays, autism and epilepsy, he has had a tough life so far.

But with the love of his devoted family and the generous support of the Trail FAIR Society, he's been given the strength to carry on.

During an open house and silent auction held in his honour on April 30, Devon sat downstairs and watched TV with his older brother, Cody.

Upstairs, community members enjoyed refreshments while they bid on a variety of items, including a signed Jason Bay baseball bat, handmade jewelry, original artwork, house plants and a La-Z Boy recliner.

"These people have shown that they really care about our family," said mother Tammy McIsaac during the event.

The FAIR Society, which has already built a ramp to accommodate Devon's wheelchair, was raising money to help pay for Devon's trips to BC Children's Hospital.

The FAIR society offers emotional support and counselling for the family.

The McIsaacs regularly check in with social worker Virginia Kotinoff.

"I'm just here to co-ordinate services, and help her with anything [the family] needs," said Kotinoff, who came up with idea for the auction with friend and board member Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson.

"He is really an amazing little boy," said Gattafoni Robinson.

"The family has been through so much. It really puts things in perspective."

The auction was a huge success, raising over $2,500 for the McIsaacs.

"They were absolutely thrilled. That's going to cover a number of trips to the BC Children's Hospital," said Gail Lavery, executive director of FAIR.

She said she is pleased that the event went so well, and happy that the McIsaacs have the support they need.