Stocking Stuffer

Donate stock and securities this holiday season to reduce taxes. Ron Jansen handles his money wisely. To reduce the future tax payable on his estate, Ron has arranged a gift of securities in his Will. He also donates stocks to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation every year.

“If you can give three times as much as what it’s costing you, isn’t that great?” Ron says.

As a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CGA), Ron knows his gift of securities, like stocks or mutual fund units, will reduce his tax bill. He also knows 50 per cent of his capital gain is taxable if he sells publicly-traded securities at a profit. However, the tax will be eliminated if he donates those same securities to a good cause.

For Ron though, the greatest motivation isn’t the charitable tax credit or other tax breaks. He says he is inspired to keep giving every time he hears about a child thriving after receiving care at BC Children’s Hospital.

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