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Dear Children’s Hospital . . .

Harrison Chong has been a BC Children’s Hospital patient for five years. Here, he writes about his journey with the hospital’s mental health team and how the relationships he’s made have helped him cope and grow.

Hi, my name is Harrison Chong and I am 13 years old.

When I was younger I had this feeling like I was not like anyone else and I was different.

My mom said there was this really nice doctor named Dr. Marriage and he is going to help me. She said we are going to work together and figure this out!

Soon after, we had many meetings with Dr. Marriage and then he told us what this different thing was. At first I was worried when I heard all of these words, and then I was confused as I didn’t understand what it all meant. I was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and anxiety disorder.

Over the last five years, Dr. Marriage, Dr. Friedlander and the mental health team at BC Children’s gave a lot of support and solutions to try. We did try a lot – some ideas and medication worked and some didn’t.

Everyone is so different and that is what is so hard with mental health challenges. My doctors are always very patient and nice. I always feel welcome when I visit the hospital.

I’ve also had a great experience with the Foundation team. I have been able to share my story with the world and everyone in the Foundation office has been so nice and it has made me feel proud to be me.

I am doing great today (even after entering Grade 8!) and always have the support of BC Children’s when I need it.

Thanks for all you have given me!

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